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Selected Publications after joining Westlake University

  • Qiyang Lu, Henrique Martins, Juhan Matthias Kahk, William C Chueh, Johannes Lischner, Slavomir Nemsak et al., Layer-resolved many-electron interactions in delafossite PdCoO2 from standing-wave photoemission spectroscopy, Communications Physics, 4 (2021), 1-8
  • Christoph Baeumer, Jiang Li, Qiyang Lu, Michal Bajdich, Slavomír Nemšák, J Tyler Mefford, William C Chueh et al., Tuning electrochemically driven surface transformation in atomically flat LaNiO3 thin films for enhanced water electrolysis, Nature Materials, 20 (2021), 674-682

Representative Publications before joining Westlake University

  • Qiyang Lu*, Samuel Huberman*, Hantao Zhang, Qichen Song, Jiayue Wang, Gulin Vardar, Adrian Hunt, Iradwikanari Waluyo, Gang Chen, Bilge Yildiz, Bi-directional tuning of thermal transport in SrCoOx with electrochemically induced phase transitions, Nature Materials 19 (2020) 655-662 *equally contributing first author
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  • Nikolay Tsvetkov*, Qiyang Lu*, Lixin Sun, Ethan Crumlin, and Bilge Yildiz, Improved Chemical and Electrochemical Stability on Perovskite Oxides by Oxidizing Cations at the Surface, Nature Materials 15 (2016) 1010-1016, *equally contributing first author

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-Awarded Ross Coffin Purdy Award from American Ceramic Society (ACerS)

  • Qiyang Lu and Bilge Yildiz, Voltage-controlled Topotactic Phase Transition in Thin film SrCoOx Monitored by in situ X-ray Diffraction, Nano Letters 16 (2016), 1186-1193
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  • Qiyang Lu, Gulin Vardar, Sean Bishop, Iradwikanari Waluyo, Harry Tuller and Bilge Yildiz, Surface Defect Chemistry and Electronic Structure of Pr0.1Ce0.9O2-δ Revealed in operando, Chemistry of Materials, 30 (2018), 2600-2606
  • Qiyang Lu, Sean Bishop, Dongkyu Lee, Hendrik Bluhm, Ho Nyunge Lee, Harry Tuller and Bilge Yildiz, Electrochemically triggered metal-insulator-transition between VO2 and V2O5Advanced Functional Materials, 28 (2018), 1803024
  • Qiyang Lu, Yan Chen, Hendrik Bluhm, and Bilge Yildiz, Electronic Structure Evolution of SrCoOx Probed by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy during Electrochemically Driven Topotactic Phase transition, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (2016), 24148-24157