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Independent work after joining Westlake University (underscore = SSI Lab PhD student or postdoc)

  1. Ellen M. Kiens, Minju Choi, Luhan Wei, Qiyang Lu*, Le Wang*, Christoph Baeumer*, Deeper Mechanistic Insights into Epitaxial Nickelate Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction, Chem. Commun., (2023)

-Feature as Cover for ChemComm (Featured Article)

  1. Haowen Chen#, Mingdong Dong#, Yang Hu, Ting Lin, Qinghua Zhang, Er-Jia Guo, Lin Gu, Jie Wu, Qiyang Lu*, Protonation-Induced Colossal Chemical Expansion and Property Tuning in NdNiO3 Revealed by Proton Concentration Gradient Thin Films, Nano Letters, 22 (2022) 8983-8990
  1. Xin Yu#, Yang Hu#, Haoyuan Shi#, Ziyang Sun, Jinghang Li, Haoran Liu, Hao Lyu, Jiujie Xia, Jingda Meng, Xingyu Lu, Jingjie Yeo*, Qiyang Lu*, and Chengchen Guo*, Molecular Design and Preparation of Protein-Based Soft Ionic Conductors with Tunable Properties, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14 (2022), 48061-48071
  1. Kaichuang Yang#, Jiapeng Liu#, Yuhao Wang#, Xiangcheng Shi, Jingle Wang, Qiyang Lu*, Francesco Ciucci*, and Zhibin Yang*, Machine-learning-assisted Prediction of Long-term Performance Degradation on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathodes Induced by Chromium Poisoning, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10 (2022), 23683-23690
  1. Yang Hu, Haowen Chen and Qiyang Lu*, Understanding the Phase Equilibrium and Kinetics of Electrochemically Driven Phase Transition in CoOxHy during Electrocatalytic Reactions, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 126 (2022), 18198-18207

-Feature as Cover for Journal of Physical Chemistry C (JPCC, Volume 126, Issue 43, November 2022)

Selected Publications after joining Westlake University

Representative Publications before joining Westlake University

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-Awarded Ross Coffin Purdy Award from American Ceramic Society (ACerS)